What to Expect

On my other more extensive site, CA College Transfer, I offer brainstorming sessions, content suggestions and unlimited follow-through up to final submission. However, some folks just want a final read-through, which is what word dog is all about.

Word dog editing services are for completed projects that just need polish and an overview of spelling, grammar, punctuation and optimal word flow. There are no content suggestions; thus your project should be complete in the sense that what you submit is what you want to say.

Pricing by level

  • Pupper:  up to 250 words = $35
  • Doggo:  up to 650 words = $65 
  • Woofer: up to 1000 words = $90
  • Long Boi: up to 1500 words = $105

NOTE:  All competed submissions are returned as word docs.

How to start

First, register or login. Then pick a level and pay. After payment you will be redirected to a member page to paste in your copy. You may also review Frequently Asked Questions here.